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A great big thank you goes out to you all for your kindness, patience, caring and nursing care you gave to our dear sister.


When visiting, there is always a warm family feeling, which I am sure is felt by the residents.


Thank you all for your excellent care of our dear friend. It was so good to know he was in such good hands whilst he was going through such an awful illness.


Can’t fault the staff – absolutely brilliant. The new activities and Kathy the event’s organiser is great. My mum is really happy – Long may it last!


Types of Care

Types of Care we offer

Residential Care

Our residential care homes are for those elderly people who may need a little extra help with personal care, such as getting dressed and grooming. Their needs are of a low requirement. We encourage residents to take part in everyday activities within the home from making tea to a spot of gardening. There are no structured routines as we encourage personal choice and ensure all residents understand that they decide what affects them. Every one of our residents has an individual care plan, which is created with the resident and looks at each individual’s physical, emotional and social needs. Outside specialists regularly visit the home to offer services of chiropodist, dentist and hairdressing for all residents to enjoy.

Nursing Care

Our nursing care homes provide fully qualified Nurses to work and care for residents’ medical and physical needs. When you come to live with us our professional nursing care teams will spend time getting to know you and design an individual care plan which will help to support and meet your needs. We will respect your privacy and dignity and encourage you to be involved with deciding how your nursing care is planned and delivered. We will also ask you, your family and friends to help us by completing a “Life Story Book” profile about your life history, before you arrive. This valuable information will allow staff to start conversations and rekindle memories which will help allow our resident to settle into the home.

Dementia Care

Dementia requires a specialist understanding to support individuals through every step of what can be a difficult path through developing dementia. Each home has professionally trained dementia staff and every home is adapted and equipped to care for individual’s needs. Dedicated areas have been created to provide interesting and stimulating sensory interiors and gardens. All our care homes are family owned so we understand how difficult Dementia is to come to terms with when concerning a loved one. We understand that our resident’s condition can deteriorate and when this happens we work closely with the family to help them anticipate the transitions they may experience over time. We encourage the family to be involved and staff are there to hand hold through the journey and help them understand each stage of dementia. We take pleasure in getting to know our residents and encourage reminiscence. Over the years we have heard some amazing life stories, shared experiences and forged strong friendships.

Meeting Dementia Care Needs

At Cedars Care Group we recognise that every individual with Dementia will differ from person to person and their symptoms change. We talk to our residents and their family and friends to ensure that we know them, we find out their skills and abilities, personalities, explore their rich history of experiences, and know what their desires and preferences are. We can then support this person as an individual and focus on their strengths to enhance their quality of life.

We work towards a person focused care, where a resident can share their stories, talk about their lives and talk about what they like to do. We build memory boxes for each resident and create a ‘this is me’ story book to help staff get to know their history, family life, professions, pets and interests . We get to know the residents as individuals and over time the information given to us will allow us to retain their dignity and identity as the Dementia progresses.

We strive to improve dementia care by providing meaningful activities which are important to the individual, to help ease their decision making. To help reduce agitation and distress we enable daily living activities, which can range from newspapers, books, games, dolls for attachment, preparing snacks & drinks, washing up, dusting, preparing tables, folding laundry, and gardening. We also provide sensory interaction, such as touching and feeling textured items, which the residence find reassuring and calming.

To encourage independence and social interaction within our homes and we have created an environment which has incorporated views of nature, colour themed areas and photographs of local scenes. We have put familiar objects throughout the environment such as a telephone box, park bench and a bus stop, which the residence show interest in, discuss with the staff and helps them relax.

The areas around the home are designed to enable residents to move around safely, with bright light spaces, good sight lines, even surfaces and clear signs to assist orientation.

Our staff have one to one session with the resident, allow them time to talk and reminisce and this creates a real bond between them. We ask our staff to think that everything they do with their residents should be a positive interaction to make someone feel good.

Respite Convalescent Care

The respite care offers short holiday periods for an individual. There are various circumstances which may require this kind of service. It may be an opportunity to give families or a full time carer a break or a service for those who may need a short period of convalescence if their usual carer is on holiday. Family members can relax and be assured that their loved ones are being cared for in a welcoming and safe environment. It may be that and individual requires convalescent care following an operation, time in hospital or following an illness. It is not unusual for short stays to be repeated and our respite residents often decide to return for longer periods, once they have experienced our care homes.

End of Life Care

We focus on the continued comfort of our residents at this stage of their life. Our highly skilled and dedicated team works closely with other health professionals to deliver specialist care and support 24 hours a day to our residents and their family and friends during this very emotional time. Our care team will ensure you and your loved ones are treated with dignity and respect. Decisions about treatment and care will always be made in line with the residents’ personal wishes and preferences.

Cedars Care Group Philosophy of Care

  1. All people who live and work at the Home and all people who visit will be treated with respect at all times.
  2. We aim to offer skilled care to enable people who live here to achieve their optimum state of health and well-being.
  3. We uphold the human and citizenship rights of all who live work and visit here.
  4. Individual choice and personal decision-making are the right of all Residents and will be supported by all the people who work here.
  5. The right of independence will be respected and encouraged for all Residents by the caring activities within the Home.
  6. The individual uniqueness of Residents staff and visitors will be recognised and these people will be treated with dignity and respect at all times.
  7. The individual requirement for privacy will be respected at all times and all information relating to individuals will be treated in a confidential manner.
  8. We recognise the individual need for personal fulfilment and aim to offer individualised programmes of meaningful activity to satisfy that need of Residents and staff.

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What our families say

We have already seen the significant changes you have made to the quality of the environment to the ground floor of Woodlands Manor. It is certainly a great improvement and makes a huge difference to the ambience and compliments the care the residents' experience. We have been very pleased with the care and concerns which my mother has received since her arrival at Woodlands and cannot fault the attention she has received from all the care staff, but particularly from Laura and more recently Sophie. They are the constants who we feel are so important in the overall confidence we have in the delivery of high quality care. They are complimented by the wider team, but are the people we relate to most frequently. We have been particularly impressed with the development of the Garden Room which gives a link with the dynamic outdoors. Watching the squirrels and birds being fed has certainly shown Mum to be far more animated and interactive in conversation. A great success! We feel that it has been very kind of you to accommodate us bringing 'Porridge' in to see her, as she has always been a dog-lover and clearly enjoys his visits with my brother on a Friday - as do many of the other residents. We have also appreciated the 'quality time' staff members have spent in conversation and engagement with Mum, despite the heavy and constant workloads we appreciate all the staff have. Writing this letter has given us the opportunity to show our appreciation and thanks to all the staff for their dedication and constant professionalism, showing both care and empathy all day, every day. Mum must by now be one of your longest residents but we could not have asked for more since her arrival at Woodlands lands. Thank you one and all.