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A great big thank you goes out to you all for your kindness, patience, caring and nursing care you gave to our dear sister.


When visiting, there is always a warm family feeling, which I am sure is felt by the residents.


Thank you all for your excellent care of our dear friend. It was so good to know he was in such good hands whilst he was going through such an awful illness.


Can’t fault the staff – absolutely brilliant. The new activities and Kathy the event’s organiser is great. My mum is really happy – Long may it last!


CEO’s Message

Imagine one day your loved one became confused and started to forget everyday things…

Imagine one day they went to the shops and forgot how to get home. Imagine they could no longer care for themselves, that they didn’t recognise your face, that they eventually started to forget who they are. It’s heart breaking.

We try to imagine every day what families have to go through when a loved one becomes unable to care for him/herself. It helps us understand the loss and fear of the people we care for, and their families. It helps us support those they leave behind.

At Cedars Care Group, we know that every one of our residents are unique, as are their stories. That’s why we never stop trying imagine how to be better.

Cedars care because we passionately do every day!

Ty Yilmaz
CEO, Cedars Care Group

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What our families say

To all the staff that Christmas time can bring and wonderful memories to last the whole year through With Many thanks for the care and kindness throughout the year.