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A great big thank you goes out to you all for your kindness, patience, caring and nursing care you gave to our dear sister.


When visiting, there is always a warm family feeling, which I am sure is felt by the residents.


Thank you all for your excellent care of our dear friend. It was so good to know he was in such good hands whilst he was going through such an awful illness.


Can’t fault the staff – absolutely brilliant. The new activities and Kathy the event’s organiser is great. My mum is really happy – Long may it last!


This is Me

When it comes to caring for individuals, one size doesn’t fit all. At Cedars Care Group homes, we strive to provide person-centred care. Getting to know each resident personally is key to the work we do. One way we do this is through This is Me profiles.

This is Me profiles are based on Life Story Work. This is an activity where an older person is encouraged to remember and share lifetime events and experiences, which help us create a biography of personal information. Often this can be done with the support of family and friends. It encourages reminiscence, helps the person put events into perspective, and inspires a sense of self and fulfilment.

Life Story Work is particularly useful in treating and providing care to elderly people tackling dementia or Alzheimer’s. When dementia isn’t a factor, the activity is still useful in building relationships between residents and carers at our homes. They help care staff get to know each resident’s history, family, professions, pets and interests. The end result is a personal profile that allow us to retain the dignity and identity of our residents, with or without progressive dementia.

Browse our This is Me profile booklets to get a better idea…

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What our families say

My father is 101 years old and recently moved into Cedarwood House. Prior to the move, he lived with my wife and me for 18 months during which time he became self-imposed bedridden. Since the move, with staff encouragement, he is now getting up and walking with a frame. The ambience of the home is light and airy, the staff are always cheerful and helpful. It is a pleasure to visit my father.