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There is an excellent team of carers and nurses who I can see actually "care" about the residents and relatives. I feel very fortunate to have found such a great environment for my mother to be looked after in.


The lady who looks after the activities is excellent so we as a family are very happy to say to others this home is both caring and safe. My mother is happy so we are all happy.


The care and attention that was given was wonderful. Full marks to everybody in the home.


Comfortable and caring. Staff are competent and caring, always ready to help.


The staff are wonderful and the care my husband receives is excellent.



I am very pleased with the high standard of care my mum is receiving and grateful to all the lovely staff I have met.

Michael A

September 2016

My Dad moved to the home last October due to a change in his physical abilities. My initial contact was over the phone and email as I was not able to visit the home prior to Dads admission. The manager was so helpful emailing photos of the rooms available and spending time on the phone. She is also very caring and understanding and this reflects in all of the staff in the home. When I was able to visit Dad, I found the staff helpful and friendly and very patient with him. Any issues regarding his care were reported to me promptly. Since his admission, I feel like I have got my Dad back again. He looks well cared for and when I call him he sounds happy and back to his old self. I am delighted and very grateful to everyone at the home.

Christian D

February 22nd 2017

My mother has been resident here for almost a year. She has vascular dementia which is getting worse. Prior to entering Woodlands Manor, she was becoming gradually more insular and avoiding people. When my father died, I moved in with her as a full-time carer, his death caused a huge decline in her mental health to a point where she forgot him altogether, she became more frustrated with everyday tasks and eventually became quite violent, forcing a move to residential care. When she moved into Woodlands for a few weeks respite while awaiting assessment, she started to come out of her shell. The staff were stimulating her interest in other people, she was in a caring and socially acceptable (to her) 'hotel' with minimal need to go home (her dementia had taken her back 60 years to her parents' house). She is quite happy now, being looked after hand and foot, with active social interaction, good food and health care and a stable staffing structure without too much change

February 2017

We have been delighted with the way our mum has settled at Cedar Grange. We have been impressed with all the care staff and the management, who enable us to all work together to provide the best quality of life possible for mum.

FEB 2017

My mum has been a resident here since 2013 and has always thought of Derwent as home, a little strange at first getting used to new routines and different surroundings but it didn't take long before she settled down and made her room her own. She looked on the staff as family and trusted them completely and would often comment that Derwent was a cross between a holiday camp and a 5 star hotel; no cooking, shopping and all the laundry and housework done and not having to worry about anything. What a wonderful way to spend ones retirement years.


February 2017

My Mum moved into Cedarwood House last year. My family and I have found the staff to be approachable, flexible and incredibly patient. Mum took a while to adapt to her new surroundings having been living alone in her own home for several years. The staff took care to get to know her and took on board our suggestions as to how best to deal with her if she was out of sorts. Mum is happy and well looked after- what more could we ask for? She has a lovely room that overlooks the countryside and is more than adequate for her needs. The staff at Cedarwood made a difficult transition easier for all concerned

Shirley L

February 2017

This is the third period of emergency/respite care for both my in-laws over the past few months. During these times of continuing difficulty with them, the management of the home have been exceptional in responding to and providing support to us as a family, and in enabling the provision of care to my relatives at short notice when required. Throughout, the standard of care, consideration and professionalism shown has been consistently of a very high marker, and without exception, all staff exude a genuine warmth and compassion for the work they are doing, and for the residents they are caring for, which is a very special quality. Well done!

Dave C

February 2017

My mother stayed at Woodlands Manor for 2 weeks. I found all staff to be very helpful and my mother really enjoyed her stay. I would highly recommend this home.

Simon S. -

January 2017

What a lovely time we all had at Christmas party, all the staff made us feel welcome and Christmas dinner was great. Me and mum enjoyed it so much. Thank you for inviting me.

B. Clarke -

December 2016

I've got to say that the level of care that all your staff have given my mum is outstanding and I am so proud that they have given mum the best possible chance since she came in last Wednesday. I can't thank your staff enough for what they have done for mum and dad, they have also been supportive to me and my brothers and sister. Once again I can't thank you enough for the care your team has given to my family.

Stuart G

January 2017

Can I thank you again for all the kindness, care and support provided for my parents and my family. I would like to add on a personal note that all the staff at Winscombe Hall exude a genuine warmth and compassion for the work they are doing and for the residents they are working with, which is a very special quality. Well done!

Dave C

January 2017

My Mum passed away and one of the new managers cared for me, taking me to one side and spending time talking to me. The owner also helped me. Thank you to the staff and nurses for helping my Mum. Winscombe Hall is beautiful, thanks to a dedicated and caring staff team.

Caroline H. -

January 2017

My Aunt loves Winscombe Hall and I have found all the staff extremely kind and caring. The new 'this is me' documents and summary of care needs in her room have been a joy to read. The compliance manager, I understand has written these, since she has been at Winscombe the change has been tremendous and the care greatly improved. The new staff team are wonderful, and business manager has been very kind. I do hope the home continues with these improvements.

Sue E

January 2017

I wanted to let you know how impressed both myself and brother are with the member of staff caring for my mother. She is caring, empathetic and always cheerful. She really is lovely and we all, including mum like her very much.  

Stella Hamilton and David Rawlison

December 2016

The home is spotless and always smells fresh. My mother is always clean and dressed in matching colours. It is a great effort by everyone. Many thanks

Fred Morris

Novemeber 2016

Ronald my father is very impressed with the meals - Keep up the good work.

Paul Clarke

November 2016

I wanted to thank you personally. I have been observing the level of care in the home over the last few weeks, and I feel it is exceptional and the service is above what is necessary. I hope this praise comes from other people too. I have noticed how the structured sessions help the elderly, in particular my father. Thank you for the support and for making my father happier.

C. M

November 2016

I thank you to all of you for the care and kindness you gave E this past year. We always felt that she was well looked after and safe within your care. You do a wonderful job and it always felt like a home from home visit. We will miss seeing you all too. With love & thanks.

J & J

August 2016

It is a difficult decision to make to hand over the day to day care for someone you love to someone else, and this often comes with a huge amounts of anxiety and guilt. Choosing the right place really is a leap of faith, but I am so glad that we found Cedarwood House when we did. Their care homes may be very glossy on the surface, but at the end of the day it is the people who make the real difference. Cedarwood house really does have a homely feel, its like a big family where the residents are well known for their individual character and needs. The kindness, patience and care that I have witnessed have been truly outstanding and you should be very proud of what you have and are achieving with your team.

Ms B

August 2016

All the staff at Cedar Grange are very caring, always pleasant and patient. The individual care and personal kindness my mother and myself received in the last week of her life was above and beyond the home's remit.


July 2016