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There is an excellent team of carers and nurses who I can see actually "care" about the residents and relatives. I feel very fortunate to have found such a great environment for my mother to be looked after in.


The lady who looks after the activities is excellent so we as a family are very happy to say to others this home is both caring and safe. My mother is happy so we are all happy.


The care and attention that was given was wonderful. Full marks to everybody in the home.


Comfortable and caring. Staff are competent and caring, always ready to help.


The staff are wonderful and the care my husband receives is excellent.


News and Events

September Activities at Cedars Care Group Homes

With the start of September we bid goodbye to a wonderful summer and with it, the bustle of those bright and long summer days. This month at  Cedars Care Group homes was a quiet one, but that doesn’t mean our residents weren’t busy. Our focus for September was on quotidian, daily tasks that many of us take for granted. For elderly people in care and those living with dementia, carrying out such tasks on a regular basis can drastically help to improve their quality of life. Here are some of the months highlights…

At our Southport care home, Woodlands Manor, residents started the month off dabbling in a bit of flower arrangement. Their mission was to arrange floral centre pieces for the dining room tables. No one would have guessed just how much they’d enjoy such a simple activity.

Our flowers of choice were carnations, and each resident was given a pretty, glass vase to put them in. Everyone who participated took the time to smell and caress the flowers before cutting them down to their desired size and arranging them in their vase. At Cedars Care Group homes, we know not to underestimate the power of natural elements that stimulate the sense of smell and touch. This simple activity in flower arrangement was a reminder for us all.

Residents at our North Somerset care home, Ellenborough, took part in a session of rock painting. Our Clinical Lead Dianne, gave a demonstration on how to paint a simple rose which everyone tried out with different flowers. Some residents also chose to paint numbers onto their rocks, with a mind to use them for arithmetic exercises. The activity went on for much longer than anticipated, as time flew by while everyone was having fun. Eventually, when the weather began to get nippy and our residents showed no sign of calling it a day, we had to move everything indoors and continue where we’d left off. Jenny, our Activities Coordinator, brought in her lovely granddaughters Ruby and Poppy, who had a wonderful time chatting with residents and painting with such excellent company.

Residents at our Southport care home, Woodlands Manor, rolled up their sleeves to give our cook a hand with afternoon tea. Some were a great help peeling carrots and potatoes for the vegetable soup. Others buttered the bread, to dip in, and couldn’t resist sneaking in some jam for a few slices of the homiest treat, jam butter. The end results were wholesome, delicious and hit the spot. For residents living with dementia, carrying out daily routine activities, like the ones they would have done in their own homes, really helps to reinforce their independence and sense of accomplishment. This often encourages the desire to be more active, boosting morale and confidence.


Finally at Woodlands Manor, there was an afternoon of interactive entertainment when The Big Picture Nursery paid us a visit. Residents and toddlers sat down with blankets and cushions to enjoy a story telling session. The story was told with the aid of puppets and cuddly toys, and we dare, say our audience of all ages was engrossed. With time to spare after the happy ending, we all got singing and dancing along to our favourite nursery songs. What really got our toddlers up and even some of our residents out of their seats was the immortal ‘Heads, Shoulders, Knees & Toes.’

Participating in mentally stimulating activities like these can really help to boost the mood of elderly residents. Stories and storytelling, which requires listeners to follow a plot and remember events and characters, works as exercise for the brain.It keeps thinking skills intact and can enhance memory. Songs and singing, on the other hand, are sure to stimulate reminiscence and inspire positive feelings of self worth and belonging when done communally.